How It Works

  • If you are looking for or have reusable materials (clean fill, pavers, Treated Wood, fence sections, wooden patio, etc.) Subscribe to our web site to tell us what kind of reusable materials you have or need.
  • Or contact Us for more information.


Eco-Transpo works through the Web site and cover its expenses mainly with three types of fees :

Transportation fees, inquiry /or file management fees, and deconstruction fees, where applicable.  Lots of factors will be considered to minimize them and, often, none of these fees will apply, since our main goal is to limit transportation of reusable materials, thus reducing greenhouse gas effects while improving the contractors’efficiency.  We also aim at promoting recycling and reuse of a wide array of materials.


1) People doing renovations who want to dispose of materials in an eco-friendly way

2) People looking for reusable materials for environmental and/or economic reasons

3) Contractors in search of efficiency and eager to promote recycling and reuse solutions

Our project is an ambitious one. But we trust that our combined efforts will prove fruitful for the environment and financially profitable for all participants.