♦ our main goal is to limit transportation of reusable materials, thus reducing greenhouse effects while improving contractors’efficiency.  We also aim at promoting recycling and reuse of a wide array of materials.

♦  We also aim at promoting recycling and reuse of a wide array of materials.


How often did you have to throw away perfectly good items or materials while renovating? This is the challenge that Eco-Transpo aims at solving. Eco-Transpo is a division of Les entreprises Maréchal, a well-established  landscaping and renovation company founded in 2000.

Eco-Transpo promotes recycling and reuse by offering a website where people wanting to dispose of reusable items or materials and people wishing to receive such items and materials will exchange information and negotiate their transactions. Eco-Transpo will manage the website and, in return for minimal fees (when not totally free of charges) will arrange transportation between the giver and the taker. The company is also offering labor services at competitive prices for the deconstruction phase, in order to ensure optimal recovery of materials.

Eco-Transpo’s aim is to provide an efficient and environment-friendly way to dispose of reusable materials. We trust this initiative will minimize long-distance transportation of renovation residues, thus contributing to reduce waste as well as greenhouse effects. We also expect that it will prove profitable for all participants, whether in efficiency or financial terms.  And it will definitely be a constructive effort for the environment, one to be proud of.